Capital Gains Tax When Selling a Home in Billerica, MA

When a homeowner sells a home or property, they are usually obligated to pay capital gains taxes after filing their taxes and entering the sales details. The typical amount of capital gains paid by the seller is either 12%-15% in some instances. For short terms capital gain even higher is some cases.  These taxes can … Continued

Hedge Against Inflation With These 3 Real Estate Investment Types

The annual inflation rate in the United States is currently around 7.5%—the highest it has been since 1982.1 It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier, lawyer, plumber, or retiree; if you spend U.S. dollars, inflation impacts you. Economists expect the effects of inflation, like a higher cost of goods, to continue.2 Luckily, an investment in … Continued

What Will Happen in 2022?

2022 HOUSING MARKET PREDICTIONS The past two years have been full of exciting and record-breaking moments. It’s also seen its fair share of buyer fatigue, hesitancy and confusion. Here’s what industry experts are saying about what they anticipate for the 2022 housing market. Will Home Prices Go Up or Down? In the past 12 months, … Continued

What are the steps of a Real Estate Transaction in Billerica, MA – 2021

Annemarie LaTul…: Hey everybody. Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re talking about the steps of a real estate transaction. What happens from offer to close? I’m going to tell you right now. What’s up you guys? I’m Annemarie LaTulip with EXP Realty out here in where? Billerica, Massachusetts, small suburb north of Boston. We’re…

Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time- Billerica, MA 2021

Annemarie LaTul…: Hello my friends, I am sure that if you are a homeowner, everyone has been telling you, including myself, that you absolutely should put your home on the market. That it is such a crazy seller’s market right now, right? But you’re probably asking yourself, if it’s such a crazy seller’s market and…