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10 Head-Scratching Home Staging Fails

When homeowners decide to put their property on the market, most do a little work to spruce up the place. Some might paint and declutter, while others go all out and hire a home stager.

On the flip side, certain bold homeowners take a DIY approach that often leaves real estate agents and potential buyers scratching their heads.

Think you’ve seen some decor that could’ve used a little work? You haven’t seen anything yet!

Take a look at these home staging fails that are more likely to garner big laughs rather than big offers.

1. Who needs privacy?

If you’ve got buyers who are immersed in the potty training years, this arrangement looks ideal. For everyone else…not so much.

2. See yourself in this space…

Of course, you want buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the house, but you don’t have to take it this far to help them visualize it.

3. Welcome to the jungle!

These homeowners have a green thumb, we get it. But when people start to feel like they’re on safari rather than in a living room , things may have gone a bit too far.

4. Closet or guest room?

Maybe these homeowners are trying to suggest that the closet is so spacious, you can stretch out and take a nap in there! Unfortunately, this comes off as more creepy than inviting. At least it isn’t Chuckie!.

5. Nothing to see here…

Perhaps this owner was hoping buyers wouldn’t notice the unmade bed if they created a chair tower in the corner? Points for creativity.

6. Of course you can…

…but should you use old soda cans as a fake mattress?

7. Clash of the decades

Sure, not all furnishings need to match perfectly, but most people aim for complementary colors or patterns. These two don’t belong in the same era, let alone the same room!

8. Here comes the…toilet

Looks like this toilet is gettin’ hitched! When asked if they’ll love and cherish this bathroom, most buyers would probably say, “I don’t.”

9. A picture is worth a thousand words…

…or as much as the frame cost at the store. Maybe they took their agent’s advice to “depersonalize” their home to a whole new level.

10. Backyard blunder

For the right buyer, a swimming pool can be a huge draw…but not when it’s filled with dirt. This looks like a wasted opportunity to make a splash.

Do you have a picture of a whacky home staging attempt? Send it over! I’d love to include it on my next blog!


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