Moving With Your Pet

Moving with your Fur baby…

  1. Dogs are extremely intuitive. Have you ever noticed your dog getting nervous when you pull out a suitcase to go on vacation? Well imagine how he or she will feel when the whole house is being packed up? One suggestion… slowly start bringing in boxes and suitcases prior to the big move this way your baby will become used to these items and won’t associate them with the chaos of moving.
  2. Familiar smells are comforting to all pets, so while you may be tempted to wash their beds toys or blankets before the move, resist that urge. These familiar smells will help your baby acclimate to their new home and feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.
  3. Prepare them for change. Even before you move you can start getting your dog used to its new world by taking them to similar environments, if your move isn’t too far, try walking them in the new neighborhood and introducing them to all the new smells . This way it won’t be such a shock when all of the familiar smells are gone .
  4. Ask your vet about calming medication for the big trip and try it out ahead of time , also consider anti-anxiety gear for the big day such as the thunder shirt!
  5. Consider leaving your fur baby with a friend or relative the day of the move, it’s probably best that they aren’t there during all the chaos.
  6. Don’t overfeed them the morning of the move. The only thing worse than a stressful moving day is a sick fur baby.
  7. Make sure the new doggy or kitty space is familiar.  Arrange beds crates toys as close to the old set up as you can …remember dogs and most pets are creatures of habit. The same goes for walk time and feeding schedules. Keeping the same set up and routine will make it easier for your baby to transition to the new home.

Bottom line don’t expect perfection, your pet will adapt, but it’s  a lot for them to take in. Stay calm, reinforce positive behavior with lots of treats and give your baby lots and lots of love and attention. Good luck on the big move!


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