What to do With Pets When Selling Your House in Billerica, MA

What to do With Pets When Selling Your House-2020- Billerica, MA

Almost everybody loves pets, especially dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs? I’ll tell you who. The buyer looking at your house. People love their own pets, but for some reason, other people’s pets carry some sort of a stigma for the buyers who are house hunting. So the big question is how do we effectively market your home when you have one or multiple furry residents?

Hey, everybody, I’m Annemarie LaTulip with RE/MAX Triumph, serving Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Now you’re probably asking yourself, how could anyone not like my pet? My pet is perfect. Well, as strange as it may seem, some pets can make people very uncomfortable. We have to remember that not everybody grew up with a family pet or enjoys regular outings to the zoo. Also, what you consider playful activity may seem like aggressive behavior to someone else.

Pets and owners are all different. And many buyers will walk away from a house with a perceived aggressive animal. Now it’s not only dogs that instill fear. There are tons of silly wives’ tales and superstitions about cats. In fact, many people are more scared of cats than they are of dogs. Here’s the thing. Pets are not always predictable. An otherwise well-behaved and people loving dog might just sense something or not like something about someone. I’m sure you dog owners know what I mean. My cute little [Courtney Millie 00:00:01:37] is a bundle of love, but sometimes she’ll see a stranger and turn into Cujo, and as trained and as well-behaved as they are with you, you just can’t predict their behavior when you’re not around. Some buyers might imagine that your pets bite, grow up, chew furniture or poop in the house, or are just plain bad, which of course, is not at all like their pets. Remember, their pets are perfect.

So just what is the solution, and how do you make your house available for showings when you have a fur baby or a fur family residing inside? The best and safest option you can take is to relocate your babies while the house is being shown. Putting them in the backyard, garage or a locked room will still be distracting and off putting for some buyers. For the best results, you could try leaving them with a friend, neighbor or relative, treating them to a day at the spa, taking them to work for a day or even just a walk or drive around the neighborhood.

Now if none of these are viable options, don’t worry. There are ways to minimize any objections or nuisance factors, real or perceived. First, if you can’t remove your pet from the home, put him or her in a carrier or pen. Notify your agent and attach a note for the buyer’s agent and buyers to not disturb them. The last thing you need is somebody’s hands or fingers being nibbled on. Keep the pet toiletries out of sight and impeccably clean. Nothing will turn off a buyer faster than opening a door and being greeted by a surprise and full litter box.

If there are stains or odor spots on the carpets or furniture, you want to have them cleaned, and preferably by a professional. Trust me, buyers will spot carpet stains immediately. Now, if you can’t hire a professional, try enzyme cleaners, such as Simple Solutions or Nature’s Miracle. There is nothing more off putting to a buyer than the smell of pet urine. Lastly, you really should remove any signs of pets for your showings. Put away food and water bowls when not in use. Vacuum every day to avoid piles of fur. Now I can say this from experience because I have three dogs. And if I don’t vacuum every day, by the end of the day, I’ll have enough fur to knit a sweater. I am not kidding.

Pick up toys along with cat trees and scratching posts or any other paraphernalia that you might have laying about. Like I said before, if you have to leave the pet in the home for the showing, make sure they’re crated and kept in a safe space away from the main flow of traffic. While we want your home to be pet-free, we also want our babies to feel safe and comfortable as possible. After all, this is a pretty stressful situation for them, too.


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