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You Had One Job!

17 Builders Who Couldn’t Even Do Their ONE Job!

Real Estate agents pride themselves on not only their salesmanship, but also their ability to find something positive in almost any property. Who hasn’t told someone, “oh that five-foot ceiling saves energy!” or “those aren’t bloodstains, they’re accents!” When it comes to these construction flubs, however, even the quickest tongued agent may find themselves stumpe

1. “If you think about it, a door is just a window with a knob.”

…argued the now-unemployed contractor.SaveThis door that just wants to be a window.BuzzFeedThis door that just wants to be a window. | 21 Design Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Home

2. This type of housing was very popular among stockbrokers on Black Tuesday.

“When Wall Street took that tail spin, you had to stand in line to get a window to jump out of” – Will Rogers, Crystal SigmonFUNNY

3. What’s really weird is that this is the handicapped stall.

SaveJust awkward.BuzzFeedJust awkward. | The 19 Most Epic Bathroom Fails That Will Make You Hold It Forever

4. This pillar is just there for emotional support.

5. This pillar is just there to screw up your day.

And who was the jerk who put chairs there? Was the pillar not inconvenient enough?SaveProbably These Werent the Best IdeasS O F I AF U N N Y

6. I don’t think this school will be producing any basketball stars.

Save28 Construction Workers Who Had One Job And Still FailedBuzzNick10

7. My eyes tells me to pull, but my hand wants to push! Argh!

SaveCaleb MacKinnonStuff

8. Here’s how to drive someone with OCD crazy in 3…2…1…

Save35 building fails that take shoddy workmanship to a whole new levelLivabl

9. This is the perfect home for a tree hugger. The whole house is a tree hugger.

SaveDidem Aksaray ArıcanConstruction Fails

10. You’d think the landscapers would have noticed this after planting the first one.

But nope, they went ahead and planted eight more.SaveWhat’s got this shrubbery so excited?Alex ThebergeLMAO!

11. You must be this short to ride this ride.

If you’re not short enough now, you will be soon.Savearchitectyre fail | Architecture Fail » Got Smile? – Funny Pictures, Videos, Games, News …Debasish MishraBad Architecture

12. Apparently trees are not like cats.

They won’t just move into any box you put in front of them.SaveTree Planting FailPublished byGrace Amos

13. This is just really crappy design.

Savestrange and unusual homes | Free Weird Elephant Playground, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures …Rosie Favela~~Strange Things~~

14. Someone was obviously trying to fill a bridge quota.

Savearchitecture failNebo AllenYou Had One Job/Construction Fails

15. “Think we should call the power company before we make this road?”

“Nah, we’re good.”SaveHilarious Construction FailsPublished byMarius Nita

16. You’d think after they built the stairs they’d realize their mistake.

But nope, they went ahead and installed a handrail for good measure.SaveEpic Construction FAILLuke DoranArchitecture Fails

17. Just remember this the next time you complain about your plumber.

SaveTraffic Cone Toilet – Epic Plumbing FailsDan MeyerFunny


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